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VPN Tracker eases the transition for Cisco Mac users
Posted: Tue Apr 03, 2012 02:12:11 PM


Munich, Germany - April 3, 2012: Mac users who are looking for a long-term alternative to their current Cisco IPsec VPN Client can now enjoy a smooth transition. equinux has released an update for VPN Tracker, the market leading IPsec VPN client for Mac OS X. VPN Tracker 6.4 can automatically import Cisco VPN Client connections (.pcf). This allows for a smooth transition from Cisco's IPsec VPN Client, which will be discontinued by Cisco at the end of July 2012.

The new import feature makes it easy for Cisco VPN client users to switch over to VPN Tracker without any extra help. All three VPN Tracker editions (Professional, Player, and Personal) support importing .pcf connection files that use group password authentication.

Easy setup and administration with Cisco EasyVPN

VPN Tracker supports the simplified configuration and administration of VPN connections through Cisco EasyVPN. VPN Tracker 6.4 also includes a generic device profile for Cisco devices that support EasyVPN, so end users can set up up their VPN Tracker connections without detailed knowledge about the Cisco VPN gateway they are connecting to. VPN Tracker also contains specific configuration profiles for Cisco ASA series, Cisco Concentrator series, and Cisco PIX.

Mac users relying on IPsec VPN connections to their Cisco devices will find a comfortable and reliable solution in VPN Tracker. With its Secure Desktop, VPN Tracker is the control center for all VPN-based applications: File servers, databases, intranet access, remote desktop applications, and more. And VPN Tracker runs smoothly on 64-bit OS X Lion.

More than 300 supported VPN gateways

VPN Tracker uses the IPsec standard and therefore supports almost all IPsec-based security appliances from leading manufacturers such as SonicWALL, Juniper, Netgear, WatchGuard, and ZyXEL. VPN Tracker comes with device profiles and device-specific configuration guides for more than 300 different VPN gateways.

Pricing and availability

VPN Tracker 6.4 is available immediately. VPN Tracker 6 customers are able to update free of charge. VPN Tracker 6 licenses are available starting from 79 Euro. equinux also offers volume discounts for larger installations.

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