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Network Diagrams in Real-Time
Posted: Fri Oct 25, 2013 02:37:56 PM

equinux releases Spot Maps for creating interactive maps of your networked devices.

Munich, Germany -- October 25, 2013 -- Find networked devices and localize them on an interactive map. With the new software, Spot Maps from equinux, network maps are easy to create using a simple drag-and-drop method. With Live Monitoring, Spot Maps retrieves the current status of all devices in real time, and displays this interactively on the map. This way, you'll know immediately when a device has gone offline.

Two worlds connected together

Until now, network maps have been created using graphic tools. But most of these created maps don't display the current status. Spot Maps connects an intelligent network scanner with graphic tools making it easy to create network maps. Spot Maps is document based, making it possible to create and visualize different network sections of departments or of different floors, by dropping them on a map.

Find devices and filter by criteria

Spot Maps scans an existing network for all available devices. Spot Maps automatically recognizes the installed operating system, automatically finds names via DNS and Bonjour, and displays the active services. This makes it easy to filter networks by relevant criterion. You can easily add and then search for your own network services.

Network control center

Spot Maps serves as an interactive control center for your networks. In Live Monitoring mode, the software displays the real time status of all devices in your network. With a double click, administrators have quick access to all the necessary services: start a SSH connection and split the screen or call-up a configuration page from your Spot Maps map. Spot Maps was developed with the many years of experience the equinux team has had with network technologies.

Price and availability

Spot Maps is available now for only $33.99 in the equinux Online Store. IT administrators and consultants can purchase the Spot Maps Consultant Pack for only $159.99. Get 5 licenses for distributing network maps to your team.

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